Arty Start - Creative fun from the heart



  • To have fun in an engaging, stimulating and inspiring environment
  • To build self confidence through art as there is no right or wrong answer
  • Develop fine, gross and sensory-motor skills
  • To allow children to express themselves through art as they may not yet have the words to articulate their perceptions, thoughts and feelings
  • Kids learn to collaborate with other kids and parents
  • To provide special one on one time with your child
  • To promote problem solving skills
  • For children to discover there is more than one point of view, ie multiple answers and interpretations
  • An  opportunity to explore a range of 2D and 3D media as well as textures and colours


Our li'l tots classes


  • We  provide a motivating, safe, warm and welcoming environment.
  • Classes are small  and nurturing, so children will receive individual attention
  • Music, movement, free play and story time contribute to the rich sensory environment of the class.
  • Classes are a fun and creative way for you and your little artist to interact and spend quality time together, while exploring with a variety of materials and techniques that are developmentally appropriate
  • Classes will expose your child to a social atmosphere similar to that in preschool without being away from mum or dad.
  • Story time related to the theme of the day will spark your child's imagination
  • The art is sensory based, which provides an  exciting introduction to art for children ages 1 to 4 years.
  • Each week your child will explore a new stimulating and exciting theme.
  • Your budding artist will use a wide range of art mediums, including foam, paint, collage, clay and other sculptural materials
  • We value our environment and where ever possible we use recycled and sustainable materials and try to share this sustainable philosophy with the children.
  • Adult participation is encouraged and one parent or caregiver must accompany up to two children.
  • All materials including an apron will be provided
  • Children should dress for getting messy